Tuesday, May 01, 2007

My Idols and I (3)
陈楚蕙 & 张应炎
Tan Chor Hwee and I
陈楚蕙 is a well-known name in my family.
I got to know the existence of this Teochew Opera King because my mother and my eldest sister like to watch her movies. I have been watching her movies and stage performances since I was a small boy. When my three sons come into contact with any Teochew Opera, they will say it is Ma Ma's Tan Chor Hwee (meaning grandmothers favourite Tan Chor Hwee).
My wife is also a fan of 陈楚蕙. She told me she was crazy over 陈楚蕙 when 陈楚蕙 and 陈碧霞 came to perform in Singapore in 1987. I told her I was amongst one of those fans who had watched practically every show put up by 陈楚蕙. But then, we did not get to know one another since we were all busy taking photographs of 陈楚蕙. Ha ha.
On 27 Apr 2007, we went to meet up with 陈楚蕙 at Hotel Royal. She came to Singapore after her 10-day performance in Johore Bahru and 2-day performance in KL. 陈楚蕙 is so friendly and lovely. Her room was packed with fans but I was the only male fan until Qi Lin joined in later. We took a few pictures with our favourite idol 陈楚蕙.
We are so delighted to have come into close contact with 陈楚蕙.
Below is a group photo taken with 陈楚蕙 and 张应炎 when the Hong Kong and China Teochew Opera Troupes put up 一门三进士 of 'One Family Three Scholars' . I did not have any opportunity to take a photo with 张应炎. May be in the near future lah.
Tan Chor Hwee One Family Three Scholars